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 Temple Red Jackets

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PostSubject: Temple Red Jackets   Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:43 pm

Character Name:Shepard
Character Age:29
How does your character look: red shoes,white shirt and some black straps on it,red shoes and a white mask.
Tell something you know about this gang:Afro-American Gang, They called their self Temple Red Jackets, They wear red colour shirts and other stuff, their hood is in temple.
They Enemies: Ballas And Yardies
Affiliations: Grove Street Families
OOC Questions:

What is your in-game name: Shepard
Wat is your real life age:16
In what time zone you live:(GMT) +1:00 UTC
List the previous factions that you been in on this server: None
What faction do you want to lead: Temple Red Jackets
Why do you want to lead this faction: Because no one is Leader and i think i could be a great leader, red jackets are good for me I RP well and I really want to lead this faction.
List the members you have so far: Marcus_Hutson,Psych
Can you be a good and active leader:Yes all day active.
Did you read the gang leadership rules and do you agree with them: The rules aren't made yet.

Roleplay Related Questions

Explain the term PG:PowerGaming is anunrealistic action.
For Example: /me notices ''John'' /me sneaks behind him /me brakes his neck with his hands

Explain the term MG: MetaGaming Is using OOC for IC purpose.
Example for metagaming:/me walks to ''John'' ''Player'': Hi John (and he doesen't even know him)
That is metagaming.

Give an example of a good /me command: /me extends his right arm putting it into the back pocket to take the phone
/do found
/me takes the phone from the back pocket and dials a number

In what cases /do command should be used(give 1-2 examples): /me looks around for anything suspicuis
/do what do i see ?
/do Nothing suspicius just parked cars and civilians walking

Give yourself a grade of your RP Skill from 1 till 10: 8
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Temple Red Jackets
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